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About Our Founder - Riti Menda

Riti has delivered multiple workshops on Emotional Intelligence for corporates, trained over 3000 participants across companies.

Adept in conducting need analysis and devising custom solutions that meets client’s professional requirements. Capable of handling groups of various sizes, age, and levels. Proficient in Delivering Training on topics like: Emotional Intelligence, Problem Solving, Creative Thinking, Stress Management, Leadership, Personal Effectiveness, Communication skills (verbal, written and presentation), Interpersonal Relations & Conflict Management, Team Work, Time Management & Planning, Etiquettes and Grooming.


The right training will help you win more clients and battle the economic slowdown


We instill effective communication skills and make it easier to handle difficult people


It will ensure effective goal setting and setting measurable KPIs to understand productivity


It will create a positive and motivated work environment, lowering the attrition rate

How Does It Help Your Organisation?




 The RM Approach 

​The RM Approach

  1. Ensuring transfer of skills and its application on the job

  2. Adept in handling groups of various sizes, age and levels Practical and interactive workshops that bring about learning and lasting change • Customised training solutions to meet client requirements

  3. Enabling professional and personal development of all participants


 Why Does It Work? 

​Why Does It


Soft skills are a set of qualities that make an individual, a contributing member of any organisation. These kinds of trainings increase dependability and conscientiousness and can yield significant growth for an organization,


 The RM Approach 

​The RM Approach

  • Proficient in delivering training on myriad topics like: Emotional Intelligence Problem Solving, Creative Thinking, Stress Management Leadership, Personal Effectiveness

  • Communication Skills (verbal, written and presentation), Interpersonal Relations & Conflict Management, Team Work, Time Management & Planning, Professional Etiquettes & many more

The RM Approach

The RM Approach


Riti is a good facilitator and works with the needs and program brief shared. She is able to work around the content anticipating the audience and their asks. Her sessions are interactive and facilitate learning

Rutu Kuwadia 
Deputy Manager - Talent Development, Deloitte India

Riti has amazing interpersonal skills and is great at bringing the team together. I saw immediate change in the attitude towards work and ability to cooperate internally and work as a team. Keep up the good work

Manan Mehta

Founder, CuisineCrew Hospitality LLP

I found Riti to be a very committed person. I run a diagnostic centre in the far northern suburbs of Mumbai.


Riti conducted a training session for my staff on communication skills with empathy as the theme. Having Riti take us on this amazing journey was especially useful to us during the Covid times. She is a great orator and facilitator. Her sessions were fun and engaging.


Initially reserved, all my staff opened up during the session and participated whole heartedly because of Riti’s inimitable style and ease of ensuring that everyone is involved and even have fun in the process.


She even coined a slogan for us “We understand, We care” and all the staff have been using it ever since. We look forward  to our next training with her. Thanks Riti for being your wonderful self. Lots of love

 Dr Sona Pungavkar

Medical Director, SDRC diagnostic centre




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